2nd phone number – free private call and texting


2nd phone number – free private call and texting

Free texting to the United States and Canada, free social phone, second phone number

Local phone numbers in USA / Canada / UK
Register social apps on English phone numbers upon request!

Local phone numbers in USA / Canada / UK
Give your friends your phone number so they can ring!

Incomplete text messages and pictures
You can send as many SMSs as possible in the United States and Canada for free!

Unlimited calls to the United States and Canada
Call unlimited calls to any phone number in the United States and Canada!

2nd phone number – free private call and texting

2nd phone number - free private call and texting
2nd phone number – free private call and texting

International economic communication
The toll-free numbers offer low-cost international connections in more than 230 countries. Wait longer with rates starting at $ 0.01 per minute. Add money to your account by filling out offers or winning free money and making cheap international calls.

2nd phone number – free private call and texting

– Create and receive audio calls
– Call on time
– Signatures: add your personal signature to each text
– Competent tone, ringtone and vibration
– Adjustable background
– Provide the ringtone and background for individual relationships
– Quick response to simple (and quick) response from friends
– Main screen widget to launch the free screen, compose a new message or call immediately.
– Uniform inbox: send and receive your SMS
– One number, many devices – Send messages and call on your computer or tablet. Then get started on your phone.
– Connect your Wi-Fi tablets to your phone.


Is it really free?

There are no annual or monthly charges! It’s completely free! Download today and send and receive unlimited messages, photos, videos and text messages.

How can everything be free?

The app contains several ads. If you don’t like ads, you can buy them to remove them. Free calls and free SMSes Free international calls with free numbers


Diggington, a free phone app that allows you to make free unlimited calls, send free text messages everywhere. Diggington also gives you a free number like the second line, a real phone number with free prefix for free calls and free writing. You can dial mobile / landline numbers in more than 200 countries and regions. Your friends do not need to install the app.

Call for free and send text messages
Get the original phone number for your phone / tablet
Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries and regions
Local phone numbers to dial: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania
Free phones or messages for friends and family
Group and conference calls

Get the right US phone number for free
Add a second, third line to your phone / tablet
Call and send phone numbers for free

Free calls and free writing
With Diggington, you can make unlimited free internet calls to anyone via WiFi over cell phones without a 3G / 4G data network and invite family and friends to receive free internet calls and text messages. Use the phone app and save immediately.

the United States telephone number
Get a real US phone number as a second line without adding an extra SIM card. Enjoy crystal clear rings and unlimited texts on phones and tablets.

Cheap or free international connections
Call landline / mobile numbers in over 200 countries and regions at very low rates. The phones are free for Dingtone users. Call support is supported so your friends know who you are.

Crystal clear calls
Voice calls are sent to Dingleton’s dedicated, high-quality VoIP network. With HD audio technologies, many free online phones are better suited to the normal phone service available to Dingtone users. Free phones and cheap phones are no longer cheap! With DingTon you can even make or receive calls with poor cellular reception.

The wiki point was reinvented
Tired of texting on the small screen? Diggington turns your phone into a real outlet: just click the button and chat. It works like a radio! The pressure to speak and the answering machine are correctly connected to a clean interface.

Interesting premium B features.
Diggington offers a variety of premium features including visual audio, zoom locking, call recording, call recording and more.

Why use dungeons?

Diggington is very simple and fast. You can use it if you do not have cell phones or a defective cell phone. Download Dingtone, and you can make free international connections and send free messages.

Free phones inside and outside the house
Unlimited SMS to / from everyone
High quality calls, HD audio via cellular data and WiFi
A walkie-talkie situation for instant conversational pressure
Group conferences challenge people
Group messages from more than 100 people

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