Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes On Youtube


Big mistake of new youtuber on YouTube

YouTube, the largest video streaming website, has millions of videos a day and millions of people who are earning good income.
Although you can find a lot of information on the Internet regarding YouTube, here I am talking about some of the mistakes that new YouTube users make in Afghanistan (who have videos on YouTube and make videos).

1- Copying from others


Afghans who have begun a new career on YouTube have long sought to copy content from other channels, or create and re-publish similar videos to other channels.
Your approach will most likely end up making you fail. For example, I will mention that the news channels on YouTube today are becoming increasingly difficult in Pashto.
The reason is that in the beginning, some people who started the news, then they went well, but after everyone comes to YouTube, they try to create a YouTube channel like them. Websites copy the news and create it with images, to the point where such youtubers often fail.
Before you create a YouTube channel, think about it as not much work in the field, and if you work hard in that particular area, depending on your ability, you will most likely succeed.

2- No plan


Most people just listen to the YouTube channel and hear that they are making money from YouTube, so go straight and create a channel on YouTube, but they have no plans.
People who have no plans for a YouTube channel, can never profit. Every time you buy a YouTube channel, make the right plan before you begin, what you will be doing, what part you will be working on, what you will work on and how much you will be working on in a week.


3-: Ignorance

Most new youtubeers who know what YouTube is, what their policy is and how to use it, quit it and start working straight away, which then leads to many problems.
Whenever you want to get started working on YouTube, get the basics about YouTube first of all, get information about YouTube on Google and your own YouTube, in order to be fully aware of it. What to do, how to do it, and what to avoid.

4-: Title, description, tags and thumbnail

Before publishing videos on YouTube, every YouTube user should know how to submit a video title or title, other information or descriptions, tags and thumbnails or images.
These are the things that everyone watches on the YouTube algorithm and it has a very important role to play in the development and advancement of YouTube videos, because if you look at YouTube and the search algorithm, there are still things to do before and after a video. Can be bottled later.
Most people give headlines where the algorithm fails to identify the video, as well as often people do not pay much attention to the thumbnail. You should have been recruited, but there should be no reason why they have not been talked about in the video.
Make the most of what is said in the first 5 seconds of the video, as well as in the thumbnail, title and then the description.
Many people do not even care about descriptions and it is very important that the video associated with the title is also given. Tags and hashtags should also be used in the video. But try to get the tags to be five and a half and those are the tags associated with the video.
Hashtags can then give you up to three or five videos related to the video and also give it after all the information in the description.

5- Working in a particular field

As long as newcomers come to YouTube and start working on YouTube, they try to look at other channels to disseminate all kinds of information into their channels, but this does hurt.
If you cannot build a channel at a very large level, try to do something specific and specific.
For example, if you create a channel for any video and then put videos on the Internet or computer learning, you will still lose your comedy videos and find any tutorial for learning. Don’t
So always try to work on a specific and specific topic and generate a specific and unique audience, then don’t try to include topics in your channel that your former audience may have Lose it


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