how to download instagram videos in 2020


how to download Instagram videos in 2020

How To Download Instagram Videos In MP4 Format 

Even though Instagram initially started as a photo-sharing service, over time it also allowed the sharing of fixed length videos to its users.
With the launch of IGTV, the established users can even share larges videos among their followers. If you want to download Instagram videos on your preferred device to watch them later, you can do so very easily by following a few


on Instagram or by using few apps specifically built for this purpose. How to Save your own Videos on any device by using the Instagram App? Here are the


 involved in saving your own Instagram Videos: 

Open in Instagram App in your preferred device. Search for the Video you want to download. Click on the Menu button, in case you are not aware, the three dots on the lower right-hand side represent the Instagram menu. Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear which will include the option to save or download your video and photos. Once you click on the download option the entire story or video will be downloaded on your device’s library. How to Download Videos that were uploaded by another user on Instagram?

In case you want to download videos that were shared or uploaded from another user on Instagram, if you are using a PC, Laptop or a Mac it can easily be done by using the web-based interface of Instagram. However, if you want to download the videos on a mobile device you will need to follow a different procedure or use some kind of third-party apps to do so. Procedure for downloading Instagram videos using the web interface: Open Instagram in your web browser and browse to the video that you wish to download. Start your web browser and open the Instagram webpage that displays the video you want to download on your PC or Mac. Click the Properties button (right-click) on your mouse, keep in mind not to click on the video itself but somewhere on the surrounding page.


A menu will pop up that will contain different options based on your web browser, now click on “View Page Source” or “Inspect Elements”. Now you will need to open the find field within your browser, if you use windows you can do

so by using the keyboard shortcut keys 

for Mac you have to use the keys
Cmd+F. Type “mp4” in the search field,


copy the first URL with an mp4 extension. Now paste this URL in a new browser window, this will result in an opening or loading the video in your browser’s preferred video player.

Again, right-click on the video itself and you will be prompted with an option to “Save Video As”. Once you click on this option you will receive a pop-up window that will allow you to save the video at your preferred location on your PC or Mac.

Once done your video will be saved as an mp4 file. Procedure for downloading Instagram videos on your Phone or Tablet: If you want to download Instagram Video on your mobile device for offline viewing you will need to download and install some kind of third-party app to do so. It is always better to first download the Instagram videos on a PC or Mac and then transfer them to your mobile device. Most applications for mobile devices come with adware, malware or some unnecessary software installations. Below are some of the most popular and trustworthy applications for Instagram video downloading on android and iOS mobile devices. IV Saver Photo and Video Downloader This is one of the best off for downloading Instagram photos and videos along with its details, hashtags, and captions. You don’t need a login and it is very easy to share, repost and play the downloaded videos. It also downloads the IGTV Content.

Video Downloader for Instagram 

This is another favorite app for downloading Instagram and IGTV videos, it also supports HD quality. The interface of this app is very user-friendly and allows for manual and automated downloading of pictures and videos.
No login is required and it also supports high-speed downloads. Quick Save Compared to other apps Quick Save offers more flexibility and functionality. Apart from image and video downloading, it also offers features like color filters and other editing options. You can do photo splits or make 9 grid images out of your Instagram downloads. It also allows for sharing the

downloaded videos on different platforms. FastSave for Instagram Another cool app for Instagram downloading, this one has a very easy interface and also allows for high-speed downloads. Compared to other apps,

FastSave offers the functionality to download and save multiple photos and videos at the same time. With this app you can also find details about the user who uploaded the photos or videos, the latest saved stories can be viewed on the top of the home screen of this application. You can browse through all downloaded content in a slideshow view and even hide the content by sending them to a secret locker. It also allows for easy reposting, deleting and sharing the content on multiple platforms.

Download This simple to use app 

comes with a clean interface, simply paste or type the URL of the Instagram content you wish to download and it does all other work in automation. It automatically saves the pictures and videos in your device’s library which can be easily shared on multiple platforms like

  • Facebook, 
  • Twitter, 
  • WhatsApp, 
  • Instagram, 
  • etc. 

Video Downloader for Instagram and Vine 

Another favorite app for downloading Instagram, IGTV and Vine content, it can also repost the content on multiple platforms. The best part is that it is free to use. This app also copies the tags from the downloaded pictures and videos.


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