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Good news for Android phone users.

Good news for stolen or lost Android phone users as we have many mobile apps that we can use to track stolen or lost Android phones. However, this is an advanced technology app with the following features:

1) SIM alert: when the new SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone, the mobile location app sends a message to the registered mobile phone number.

2) Phone status: you can also find the details of the phone such as the details of the network operator, the software version, the IMEI number, the customer ID, the SIM serial number, the name of the SIM operator.

3) Reset your password: you can also recover your forgotten password by entering your email.

4) Current phone location: you can easily find the correct phone location, e.g. B. H. No and house number, city name, department name, country name, postal code, castle.

5) Location locator: you can find the current position of your mobile phone by showing the full address.

6) Mobile tracking web: You can also use the IMEI number, the version of the Android operating system, the model number of the mobile device and the device name of the mobile website as the registered email ID and as the name of an animal home to register complaints. If you miss it. Phone.


7) Uninstall: no one can install the app without user authorization.

8) Current mobile location: share your current mobile location with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

9) Mobile Location Tracker from the Internet: you can now also find the current location of your phone on the website by making some settings in the Mobile Tracker app.
Step: Sign in to the Mobile Tracker app
Step: Then click on “Location locator on the web”.
Step: choose the “Active” option

10) Turn off the phone: turn off the phone from the website by making some changes to the app.


11) Search my phone: find phone records on the phone from the website by making some changes to the app.

12) Call my phone: call your phone silently from the website.

13) Delete my phone: remove the phone information on the phone from the website.

14) IMEI tracker: you can also determine the current location of your phone with an IMEI number.

15) Remote access: the website for mobile trains can be accessed via the registration information app.

16) Verification of the number: are you wondering who to call? Do not look for other mobile phones, landlines, special services (eg police), toll-free numbers (eg hotels), premium price numbers (eg payments) and satellites for the world. The best phone is research. Find out why millions of people use numerical visualization to find out who they are.

17) Share: You can now share phone numbers with friends and family to view the information.

18) Where I am: you can find the current position of the phone. For example
If you are on the bus, you can find the current position of the bus, e.g. B. “Where’s my bus?” If you are sitting on a train, you can also keep track of the current position of the train, e.g. B. “Where’s my train?”

One of the best mobile location apps in the Google Play Store.

Added additional privacy policies:

1) The Mobile Tracker app uses the authorization of the device administrator to activate and deactivate the configuration functions in the app. This application does not use the device administrator rights for any other purpose.

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2) The Mobile Tracker app accesses the course and uses the permissions for this interesting location so that an app can access the approximate and exact location to indicate the location on Google Map. This app does not use location information for further information.


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